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At Food Share we keep accurate data of our emergency food distribution which reflects the significant need within our region, along with our social and environmental impacts.

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In 2023 181 tonne of fresh, frozen and pantry food was distributed from our warehouse via our partner agencies feeding 70,640 people (42,875 adults & 27,585 children).

Emergency food was distributed by over 100 registered agencies and schools across south west Victoria.

Our environmental impact
We are very proud to advise that we have diverted 226 tonne of food from landfill from 2014 to 2023. 
At Food Share we aim to recycle as much as possible reducing our environmental impact at every opportunity.

Impact Item 0

2023 = 181 tonne of food distributed


Impact Item 1

Via 100 registered agencies/schools


Impact Item 2

Feeding 42,875 adults & 27,585 children


Impact Item 3

2014-2023: Food diverted from landfill 226 tonne